Posted by Pattie on 1/20/2013 04:27:00 PM

Some of my regular followers of my various writings on the net probably wonder where I've been lately. To put it mildly, I basically took some down time. By the end of the Fall semester I was burnt out and overwhelmed. I have spent some time during the Winter Break to do some navel gazing and take stock of my life and my priorities.

Most journeys require letting go as well as moving forward.

Fattypatties was my first real online blog and I probably wouldn't have done it if Tish hadn't started it for me. What started as a couple of "Patricias" talking about their lives as fat women quickly evolved into my own personal blog (which I'm pretty sure Tish had in mind all the time as an evil scheme).

Fattypatties then evolved into a memoir with the help of my husband, Carl Wilkerson.

Over the years, I've written a lot and then written a little. I was even away long enough once in 2005-06 that I returned to a set of comments deciding that this bad-fatty had died. (That is when I started monitoring comments.)

Lately, I've only written here sparsely. One of the reasons my writing has slowed down is that I've not really had focus for a while. Another is that other issues and interests have sung to me more than the ones I've talked about here.

So one of the things I've decided to let of is this blog. This will be the final chapter (for now, anyway) of Fattypatties. I will still write about fatness over at Psychology Today, where I write I Take Up Space.

I will write about sociology at First Person Plural: Doing Sociology and I will write about living with disabilities at CWD: Couples with Disabilities at Psychology Today and at User Friendly Vegas.

As always, if you want to know what I, Carl or the both of us are up to, we try to keep all our projects up-to-date on our company website: SINdustry CITY.

So thank you for over 10 years of fun. I will see you in other places!



Anonymous said...

Best wishes from the High Desert to you in your future endeavors. Take care,


Angela said...

Your book has had a place on my bookshelf for many years and I'm so glad that you wrote it. Everybody has to go off and do the things that make them happy and work best for them at the point in their lives that their at. I wish you all the best in whatever you do. As for the rumors of your untimely demise, I expect you'll outlive many of the folks that made those comments.

Angela said...

Your book has had a place on my bookshelf for many years and I'm very glad that you wrote it. Everyone needs to do the things that call to them at different times in their lives though and I wish you all the best in whatever you want to do. As for the rumors about your untimely demise, I expect that you'll probably outlive many of the people that made those comments.