Posted by Pattie on 7/24/2009 01:19:00 PM

Regina Benjamin's Nomination Sparks Sexist Commentary

I haven't commented or blogged about this yet because, well, Fox News (the bastion of desperate causes) & Karolchyk (the world's most well known school yard bully) aren't worth much of my time or effort. I usually just ignore them. I don't like to feed their fuel. They live off the anger. (Q: What did the sadist do to fight the masochist? A: Nothing.)

However, this article caught my eye though because of quote from ABC News 3 paragraphs in the article:

Dr. Clyde Yancy, president of the American Heart Association, said "for the surgeon general to fulfill her responsibility goes beyond anything such as a physical metric. What we need are health care leaders who are qualified, passionate, results-oriented and part of a team for the great good. She is all that."

Wow, fat as physical metric. I like that. That's all it is, you know, a measurement of the physical body.

Fat is a descriptive term regarding size. Not a measure of intelligence or health or fitness or strength or morality or diligence or education or beauty or sexuality or emotional stability. Just a physical metric.

I think one of the most succinct indicators of how screwed up the United States is when it comes to health is that we are even discussing Dr. Benjamin's size while Congress drags its feet regarding passage of health care reform. Talk about fiddling while Rome is burning.