Posted by Pattie on 7/28/2009 10:36:00 AM

So today's my 52 birthday. Last night was a bad night for me. I had hot flashes, cold sweats, hives and neuropathic pain all night. After several rounds of benedryl and pain medications, I finally fell asleep at 4:30 and got a whopping 4 hours sleep. I have decided that I really hate menopause, which is my leading candidate for most of those symptoms. So one more trek to the doctor for more tests to figure out "my changing body." Puberty was easy for me. I was an early bloomer at 10 years old and other than some irregularities the first year, I had little trouble with "becoming a woman" (something I announced to my mom on my first day at age 10 -- "Mom! Guess what! I'm a woman now.) I was in my late 20s before I started having any female related problems and then a hysterectomy by age 35. Lately, I find myself wishing they had taken my ovaries.

So my unfortunate night has left me a little sad on my birthday. I feel estranged from my body of late. I feel like everyday is a new adventure where a new symptom, ache, pain or aggravation is waiting to pounce on me in the middle of the night.

Having said all that, my 52nd year was not as bad as earlier years. I really think that if I can get this hypothyroidism under control, I may end up being healthier than I've been in a while. I certainly feel less tired and more alert than I have in years.

Today will probably be a fairly typical birthday for me. I rarely celebrate with anything big or showy. Being a summer birthday, I gave up on parties years ago. When I was in school, no one was around in the summer. As an adult, I rarely have a large group of friends near by who aren't on vacation. So I usually have a small celebration if any. I can't remember the last time I had a cake or anything other than 1 candle on a slice of something at a restaurant.

I'd like for my 53rd year to be a bit easier. I've been thinking lately that life should not be this hard. Oh yeah, and I hope my next birthday I get to go to someplace cooler. This is my fifth summer in the desert and I'm not getting used to it yet. So my goal is to be on a mountain somewhere cool this time next year, and, an post-menopausal.


Cat said...

Once your thyroid hormone is configured correctly, you'll have a much better time with the girly hormones, too.
It took me well over a year to get my thyroid med to where they *think* it should be. I need to be tested again. But, yeah, mentally more alert, feeling much better and girly hormones are in check, thank goodness.

Good luck getting to a hormonally stable place!

Pattie said...

Yes. I suspect that the thyroid is making this worse and probably has more to do with my overall well-being that almost anything else I'm facing. It's been just over a year since diagnosis and a roller-coaster ride of feeling better then feeling worse and then re-adjusting and feeling better again.

Thanks for the good-news re: girly hormones. I'm hopeful that I'm close to a breakthrough on all this.

JeanC said...

Happy birthday! :)

Yeah, I think once you get your thyroid under control you should do better on the menopause front. Amazing how much that tiny little gland can affect everything else in the body. I know when I get a bit hyper my peri-menopausal symptoms get worse :P I have to keep telling myself it is just my inner child playing with matches LOL

I have been discovering the older I get, the less tolerant of heat I am getting. Hubby keeps talking Alaska, I'm starting to think he might have the right idea.

gabfly1 said...

I wish I lived around there, so we could have a fat girls/hypothyroidism support group. Best of luck with all of this, and happy birthday!

Pattie said...

Jean, I dream of Alaska and the Yukon Territory every day in the desert summer. Today's high was 113. Yesterday it got up to 115 in my neighborhood, 111 for the valley. I hate summers in Vegas and have hot flashes doesn't help one iota. Oh, and, of course, I have little tolerance for the ac as well, sooo, I can't seem to get comfortable at all.

Gab, hmmm, may such a group exists around here. That gives me an idea for something to do this year. Thanx.

BTW, when any of you are in Vegas next time, let me know. I love showing it off.