Posted by Pattie on 3/05/2007 01:12:00 PM

I'm becoming convinced that my gift in life is writing. It is what I do best and enjoy the most. I spent this morning looking for opportunities to get paid as a writer. In the new text-based world of blogs, writing is a cheap commodity. As with all cheap commodities, it is hard to sell quality.

It is frustrating to be good at something that a lot of people think they already know how to do.

I'm left with trying to find ways to make a living sideways -- doing projects that use my writing skills but don't actually carry the title: "Writer."

What I wish is that I could just write what's on my mind every day and have someone pay me -- I believe that is called a "columnist."

I think I need an agent. But that is one more thing that I can't seem to find.

Frustration still reigns.

I'm normally a much more positive person than this. I feel bad about harping on this, but it is the only thing I know to write about these days and I so want to keep something on the blog.

Thanks for your patience. I'll try to be more brilliant and positive later.