Posted by Pattie on 4/14/2007 06:32:00 AM
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13 Days to Go

The trip to Chicago for the job interview is back on. The company has been very accommodating and understanding regarding the Southwest Airlines stupidity. The nice thing about the whole affair has been that I will feel better about working for this company if the job is offered.

My tax woes continue, though I know that it will get resolved, the whole situation is a continuation of last year's fiasco that put me in my currect position, so it angers and frustrates me more than anything else. Let's just say I'm learning a lot about business deals that go bad.

I'm still quite anxious about the future, but definitely feeling more positive.

One highly positive development is that I'm writing to you from home. Not having Internet access at home has crippled me in various ways, including writing for this blog.

Also adding to my relief is Carl's recovery. He's not 100% yet, still getting tired a lot sooner than normal, but he is definitely up and out of bed. His creativity is coming back as well. He wrote a beautiful song last week based upon a dream he had. It was so wonderful to see him playing guitar and writing after such a long illness.

The short term picture has left me quite anxious, but I am bullish on the long term:

1. I've never been clearer about my desire to write for a living and how I want to go about making that happen.

2. Both Carl and I are growing in our creativity.

3. I'm starting, finally, to make some friends here in Vegas.

4. Several of our projects are starting to pick up some steam (more about that in later episodes).

Hopefully, I'll have some idea if I got the job for the summer before the last paycheck on the 27th. That will at least help me decide where to head next.

in the meantime, I remain anxiously optimistic.