Posted by Pattie on 4/22/2007 08:01:00 PM

6 Days to Go

Well, I'm officially unemployed at the moment. My last paycheck comes this week (actually I'll get two checks -- one for hours worked and one for bonuses for the tax returns I did this season). I am flying to Chicago on Tuesday for an interview to teach reading for the summer. I hope I know something from them by the end of the week so I can plan my life accordingly.

There are some other irons in the fire and I'm feeling very good about them. But I'd feel better if something would be assured somewhere.

Still I feel convergence coming on and I am excited about the possibilities.

A month ago I was panicked. Now I'm feeling more overwhelmed with possibilities than worried nothing will pan out. Mostly, I'm exhausted. I've slept a lot this week. I had a brief allergy attack from exposure to shrimp. I caught it in time, but Benedryl makes me groggy for several days. I probably needed the rest though. Immediately after finishing tax season, I went to the National Association of Broadcaster's convention here in Vegas. After getting home, I laid down for a "nap" and didn't wake up until the next morning when I realized I had hives. I went back to bed with benedryl and didn't wake up until later that afternoon. I was convinced almost the entire day that it was Friday when it was Thursday. I was really out of it. Though if you are going to lose a day, it is better to think it is a day later than a day earlier -- I felt like I got an extra day somehow when I finally figured out what day it really was. Still it was a little unnerving to be so out of reality.

I'm hoping to be blogging more and doing more online stuff this week. I gotta make some good use of my free time.

More later..