Posted by Pattie on 2/07/2004 03:21:00 PM

Duh, I remember now...

Okay, Thursday evening I was a bit tired, but I still think not being able to remember that I wanted to write about the end of our radio show is a sign that I'm truly moving on.

First Person, Plural had its final regular broadcast on Thursday. We actually stopped producing new episodes in October when Carl became ill. We have been running reruns ever since, but I was remixing the episodes for quality, timing and time sensitivity. It showed me how far we had come because there are things I know to do now to increase the quality of sound.

I'm very proud of what we accomplished with the show. We basically did the work of 20 people without money and with only a little recognition. What is going to last longer, however, is the website. I've already had several people write me to say that while they never heard the show, they enjoy the websites. We covered a lot of territory and it is territory that we will revisit again in future work, I'm sure.

But it was time to let it go. The frustrations of reaching the upper limits of what is available in terms of time and equipment can run very deep for creative people. We discovered those upper limits doing the show.

It is time to let go because there are new things to do and accomplish.

The three main things I've learned from doing First Person, Plural and our earlier Internet effort Coffee Shop is:

1. A sustainable strategy includes income resources as well as outgoing resources.

2. I am no longer with communicating with large groups of people.

3. Being a public intellectual, earning respect for being a public intellectual, is a difficult task in a world full of Average Joe, My Big Fat Fiance and endless debates over "wardrobe malfunctions."