Posted by Pattie on 3/24/2002 01:50:00 PM

Ugh. I've woke up this morning with what I think might be a cold. I'll spare you the details. I always feel guilty when I get a cold. There's no cure for it and the germs are lying in wait everywhere to get you, but somehow I feel personally responsible for letting them get me. Go figure.

That's too cool about Micky Dolenz. He was my favorite Monkee, too. I have to admit that being a Chomsky groupie would be merely a cerebral experience for me and well, Micky, turned on things other than my mind :). But I wouldn't go to therapy. There are much worse cases of groupie-itis. Yes, you could be a cartoon character groupie.

My clogged nose is resulting in a clogged brain today. I'll be more coherent tomorrow, I'm sure.