Posted by Tish on 3/25/2002 10:43:00 AM

Yeah. Colds suck.
Do you think fat women take more responsibility for what happens to their bodies than other folks? I mean a certain amount of why we are fat is genetic, but we are told that if we just eat less and exercise more we can be thin. It's always struck me as odd. Does anyone really think it's that simple? I think that there is a wide variety of fat body types and a need for much study. But what I'm asking you is that since we were raised in a culture that blamed us for the size of our bodies, and since we struggled to be thin and never really were ( at least not for long ) that we internalized a message that everything that happens in our bodies is somehow our fault?
In the article that I link to about genetics and fat, the doctor says several times that "we just don't know" why people are fat. But he goes on to tout the value of eating differently and exercise. Although I agree that it's important to eat well and exercise, I also think that every conversation about fatness ends up with blame the fatty for their weight.
It's interesting to me that this doctor mentions Merida, considering what we know about that drug today.