Posted by Tish on 3/23/2002 06:07:00 PM

OK. Can I just say that when I arrived at Everything Postmodern, I felt like I'd found a deconstructionlist's paradise. My brain went tilt. In a good way! And then there was Foucault and Chomsky ( so young!) on one page. Be still my heart. You should know that I feel the same way about Chomsky now, that I felt about Micky Dolenz when I was thirteen. Hopelessly devoted. Yeah...I may need therapy.
Synchronisticly enough I spent time with a friend yesterday, discussing our mutual habit of isolating during depression. It's especially difficult during times when I feel so helpless in terms of the world. Earlier this month I read Anita's Blog, on which she spoke about the problems in Gujarat. My conversation with my friend, being able to read Anita, and our conversation here, are all part of the raft I use to ride the storm. We are not alone. I heard Chomsky speak the other day and he said a difference he had with the Quakers was that he didn't think it was important to speak truth to power. He said power knows the truth; speak truth to each other. What I took from that was ... to do what we're doing. Educate ourselves and each other. If we have strong connections the bullies will hold no sway. I'm not saying that violence won't happen. In fact clearly, things are bad. But we can keep each other strong and hopeful. Maybe. Somewhat.
It is definately time to speak up and out. I saw this earlier and it made me laugh. I have issues with people who interrupt. Mostly because it's too easy to derail my train of thought. But I liked the ...
What was I saying?