Posted by Pattie on 8/12/2010 01:41:00 PM

9000 feet

The hills are alive
Yodeling to me
Alpine Slopes help me slide away
Maria sings in mind's eye and heart

8000 feet

Meadows green
with envy of Cathedral
Peak, shining white light
Pine scents fill nostrils and make eyes water

7000 feet

Desert yellow shining floor
Beneath silver ribbon road
Reminding all who see now
Of long ago ocean floor

6000 feet

Descent becomes dive
to bottom of sea,
Dropping like a stone, ears pop,
Braking hard against nature's forces

5000 feet

Ocean bottom in clear view
Desert heat rises to greet
Rushing wind drowns out
Memories of buzz saw and pine sap

4000 feet

Heat intensifies
Stirring memories of tests
Made nearby, not so long ago, scarring
Ocean bottom, desert beauty and civilization

3000 feet

Smell of new asphalt chases away
Last remaining pine freshness
Winds give way to trucks grinding
Nature fades. Saddened by Modernity.