Posted by Pattie on 9/23/2007 08:52:00 AM

Still in Shock...

but feeling slightly better. I slept throughout the night without a bathroom break, which I believe is a good sign. I still feel a bit weak and overwhelmed by this new challenge. I am going to try an outing later today, probably to a library to look for books to learn more.

I had a crying bout last night, complete with "Why Me?s" I also think that is a good sign. I have been through loss, including loss of health so many times that in the back of brain (heart?) I know what to expect. Crying is healing and it helped.

I joined an online support group and have had several e-mails in the last 24 hours that are encouraging.

For the record, I hate this. I do feel picked upon by it. I am still scared. But I do know what to do and I have confidence I can, as one person in the support group said, bring this into balance.