Posted by Pattie on 7/28/2005 08:56:00 AM

Prelude to a Post for my Birthday

After posting earlier this morning about the need to scrutinize scientific reporting, you will probably think I have dual personalities after reading the post I plan to write next. You'd be wrong. I have multiple personalities and I see no reason to reconcile them all.

Science is a language that demands rigor and I don't like the way it rules supreme in some rhetoric because it is obvious to me that making it supreme knowledge is UNSCIENTIFIC. Science is a methodology that leads to a specific kind of knowledge that if highly useful.

There are other ways to look at things. There are other ways of knowing. There are other things to know that science just doesn't quite cover.

One of the problems I have with the anti-evolution crowd is that they seem hellbent on demanding that we believe human beings are somehow superior. In their effort to shore up the idea that we are created in God's image, they make it sound like anything else created by God is worthless or cannot be worthwhile unless it serves us in some way. This does not fit the facts or the feelings I perceive when observing the world.

Worse yet, it is the kind of mentality that justifies wasting and damaging resources. It is why the US is not following Kyoto accord. In this way of thinking, the air is ours to waste. Materialism (as the Wedge Strategy suggests) is irrelevant and therefore material things like water and air do not mean anything.

It is a philosophy and worldview that loves death over life (and I don't care how "pro-life" they claim to be).

That is why I spend some time each week playing with Animal Medicine Cards. I don't really believe that they are objectively telling me anything special. I figure whatever reading I give them is what I'm seeing at the moment. But they do remind me to respect and understand that other life forms are valuable. There are other ways to look at the natural, material world than science. Some ways lead to death. Some ways lead to life.