Posted by Pattie on 10/29/2004 03:01:00 PM

Teachable Moment

I'm not going to say where, but today I witnessed a witch hunt first hand. It was disturbing, even frightening.

A number of people on the left side of the political spectrum spend a considerable amount of time worrying about limitations on freedom. But I'm becoming more convinced every day that both the left and the right are about limiting freedom.

The witch hunt I saw today was on the left. It was based upon ideological purity. It was based upon a narrowness of mind and a belief that a person's past actions are the only consideration when testing that purity. It was a witch hunt because several of the devout decided to prove by accusation that the guilty party (an apriori decision, not a conclusion) was insincere in that party's efforts to learn more.

What might have been a teachable moment passed. Instead, the accused left.

How exactly is the left going to change the minds of their opponents if they will only preach to the choir? How exactly is the left going to change society if they continue to make the standards of acceptable behavior (both past and present) so impossible that only the most devout can survive the test?

I am discouraged. I am lost. I am sad.

Alaska and the dogs are looking more appealing all the time. I'm really tired of people and all their crap.