Posted by Pattie on 8/29/2004 12:43:00 PM

Day Off

Here's the problem with working for yourself in partnership with the two people with whom you live. You can't get away from the office. I mean we are going to a baseball game in about an hour and we watch movies and we take time off from each other and we swim and walk and play. We take time off. But brain work isn't linear. Just because I'm at a ballgame or out playing catch with the guys doesn't mean that my brain won't think of stuff.

Right now we are putting the finishing touches on our website (check in later this week for announcement). It is a lot of writing, formatting, reviewing html, creating layouts and generally exceeding the limits of mind, time and machine. Everything takes longer than it should and nothing works the first time. We are also planning our next "issue" destination and trying to figure out where we can go next. We have 1000 good ideas and no great ones at the moment.

My brother Steve is the computer whiz and, in truth, he is the one who is dealing with most of the website issues. My husband Carl is the king of cheapskatery and the master researcher, so he has been working hard to figure out where we should go next and what benefits different places have for us. I've been doing most of the writing for the website and looking for potential funding sources, including writing and submitting several proposals.

Things keep happening, but nothing is breaking. And try as I might, I find I am always working in my head. I can't quite tell the difference anymore between "work" and "play." That may be a good thing. I mean I really enjoy what I am doing and if I can find a way to make it sustainable, I believe I will keep on doing what I'm doing. But it would still be nice to get away some time.

One nice thing is that I found out about Ample Knitters through one of the yahoo groups to which I belong. Shelda lives very close to where we have been staying, so I'm going to meet her in meat space this week and probably video her for possible future projects. It is always interesting to discover who is hanging out in your own backyard -- even if that backyard is only temporary. BTW, be sure to click on the Gallery if you visit her site -- it is a great collection of knitted clothes for larger people. A rare and truly beautiful site.

Finding peace in the war on fat through knitting -- I don't know, what do you think?