Posted by Pattie on 4/18/2004 07:56:00 PM

Three Wise Twins

Well, I haven't written in over a month, but it has been a busy month.

I've hinted around here for some time that there were some big plans in the work. Well it is time to let the cat out of the bag.

We are moving back to the United States in May. There are three big things happening to prompt this move:

First, I am currently writing a book called Taking Up Space about the stigmatization placed upon fat people in North American society. I am writing from both a sociological and personal perspective. The book is scheduled to be published this summer by a specialty publisher called Pearlsong Press, Inc..

Second, my brother Steve Thomas, my husband Carl Wilkerson and I have formed a multimedia corporation called Three Wise Twins, LLC. Our corporation is committed to creating media that entertains, informs and challenges our audiences. Our first project is going to be to conduct a book tour promoting Taking Up Space and Pearlsong Press, Inc. We are currently putting the details together for the tour and will sending out updates as the schedule develops.

Third, while on tour, the twins will be developing a project we are calling The Ample Traveler© . We will be filming, writing and doing website production regarding road travel accessibility issues for larger people. We will be providing practical advice and informative critiques of the goods and services we encounter in our travel.

These are ambitious undertakings, as I am sure you can tell. Our most immediate need is to buy, borrow or trade for an RV that can carry three adults and media equipment (cameras, computers, etc.). If you have an RV or know someone who might be interested in helping us with acquiring an RV, please drop me a line. This is the first big hurdle to making our plans a reality.

We are looking for goods, services, funding and good karma to support these projects, as outlined on our website . We hope you will take a visit and help in any way you feel comfortable.

As blog friends, I'm asking you to get the word out regarding our plans and let people know that we need support.