Posted by Pattie on 12/11/2003 12:30:00 PM

goodness of fit test

In statistics there is a test called the "goodness of fit." Basically (and this is boiling it down way too much), it is a test that sees in something observed matches what would be expected.

After learning more about fat politics and travelling in a world where I don't fit, I've come up with my own "goodness of fit" test:

If I walk into a place where I don't fit, it is not good.

I'm beginning to see that this as an important guideline not only in understanding fat politics, but in judging any situation I am in. I am tired of making myself fit into squares whether they be physical ones, intellectual ones, emotional ones, or spiritual ones.

I am not a square, so if I enter a space where my shape doesn't fit, I plan to reshape the space and not the other way around. Now that would be a good fit.