Posted by Pattie on 3/27/2003 12:30:00 AM


I spent some time this evening watching the video from today's Rules Committee meeting in San Francisco concerning the formation of a task force on promoting nutrition and physical activity among kids (was obesity and diabetes).

There are a number of people who have influenced me and helped me to understand fatness in the light I do now. These people saved my life in many ways. I sat and watched this video and saw some of these people. I highly encourage you to watch this. It is worth the time.

All you need is streaming video or audio on your computer. Go to the SFGTV website and click on the Rules Committee March 23, 2003 link. This should kick in your default video player (mine was Real Player). It looks like these links stay up for awhile, you should get a chance to watch it for a few weeks. The discussion begins around the 26 minute mark. The first fat activist to speak was Jennifer Portnik at around ther 44 minute mark. Marilyn was there at the 1 hour 17 minute mark. Tish showed up at the 1 hour 21 minute mark. A bunch of others were there, including names I've heard or people I've read about such as Sondra Sovenay, Deb Burgard and Pat Lyons, and Frances White. I was especially impressed with Supervisor Dufty. I am bursting with love and relief that so many strong voices were heard in a public forum.

Wow. Just, wow.

The Rules Committee continued approval of the task force so that it could be rewritten with fat neutral terminology, promote health-centered programs rather than weight-centered programs and include people from the size acceptance community on the task force to ensure sensitivity to fat people and the ongoing stigma fat people face. Unless they pull something out of left field, it seemed like a great day for fat people in San Fran.

It was the way I imagined democracy could work. Thank you San Francisco.