Posted by Tish on 4/15/2002 07:21:00 PM

I’ve been neglecting the blog. You write so beautifully about - it all.
I’ve been in a deep muse about integrating fat identity, as you know. Thanks for your insightful and loving comments on my page.
Fat is a physical attribute. Like skin color, height, and proclivity for specific disease. I was reading an on line journal that I’ve passed by a few times when I've wandered about. It’s one of those sites that I call the mommy blogs. Lot’s of stories about cats and kids. I love them. This woman is chronicling her diet. She’s lost some weight and now she’s at a point where her body is really holding on. So, she gains a bit if she eats very little above her diet. She just thinks she needs to work harder. Sigh.
You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about.