Posted by Pattie on 3/22/2002 12:29:00 PM

Yes, we did "meet" in the gab cafe and that makes doing this together a little post-modern cyber punk. I mean the connection we have discovered is a cyber-connection across international boundaries.

The specific intentions thing is an interesting thing because I think that in our society most men connect around their work but most women connect around their relationships. As a sociologist, I would suggest this is a learned, cultural phenomena, but no matter where it comes from, it seems to be empirically valid. So it makes sense to me to not worry about focus as much as format -- that is, to provide the space and see what gets filled in. I guess that might mean that women's blogs and men's blogs will be different for the most part.

I told you last night on chat that I like to talk and have always liked to talk. I spent my first year of school standing up with my hand over my mouth. It was my teachers archaic way of teaching me to not speak out of turn. It basically worked. I spent a lot of time shutting up (hard for those who know me now to believe, I know). What I've learned I guess is what Audre Lorde said best: "Your silence will not protect you." I thought it was because I made good grades and was a good girl, but in the end I was still an outcast, someone looking in from the outside. Being perfect didn't work -- tried it, been there done that.