Posted by Pattie on 9/09/2008 06:04:00 PM
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Get a Life, Sheesh

Wow, I read my comments for the first time in awhile. Apparently if I'm busy doing business and living my life to actually write in a blog, the default assumption is that I must have died young.

It may amaze some of my fat-hating lurkers, but life occurs outside of cyberspace. So, sorry, but I'm very much alive and much healthier and, oh, haven't lost a pound (at least not that I know about, I don't really bother to weigh myself anymore.)

For those kinder readers, I will do a little catching up.

In January I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, a condition that runs in my family. I started on the medication in February and, wow, I felt better than I had in years. All my metabolic numbers stablized and I have much more energy than I used to have. Apparently I've been subclinical for years. One doctor thinks I might have been misdiagnosed with lupus when it was subclinical hyperthyroidism. Certainly a lot of my fatigue and joint pain has cleared up.

I'm excited to be back in sociology "officially" and love my classes. I've started a new blog to that end called "First Person, Plural: Doing Sociology" and will probably be writing more there than here during the semester.

I'm also getting my real estate license and am working on finding a broker. I've worked for real estate clients for the past year and learned a lot about the business and decided it was something I could do that would make some money (most of the things I enjoy don't really have money-making potential).

I have done a lot of design work, but most of it in the past year has been commerce oriented, designing logos, website banners, magazine ads and the like. I did illustrate a book.

I've fallen in love with Las Vegas. I find the freedom here to be wonderful, especially after having lived a great deal of my life in the Southeastern US. Vegas is a lot of things, many of which have surprised me greatly. Before I came here, I had a one-dimensional view. Now I see there are multiple-Vegai. Our new company name, SINdustry CITY, sums up what I think of Vegas. It is a great place to work. My theory is that there is less stigma here because anything goes.

I'd like to make enough money, however, to leave during the summer. I'm so ready for fall. Today it was 96 degrees and I was happy and actually thought of it as a "cool" day.

Well, more later. And, oh, if you aren't happy I survived and thrived, keep it to yourself. I really don't care what you think about my body size or my health. Otherwise, I'd love to hear from you.