Posted by Pattie on 12/06/2007 09:12:00 AM

Baby Steps: Response from Diabetes Education Complaint

I promised I'd share the progress/resolution (see October 15 entry -- for some reason I can't make archive link work today). This is better than I ever hoped, though I recognize it just a small victory. It made my day.

Dear Ms. Thomas:

I have received and reviewed your letter of October 7, 2007 outlining concerns about our Diabetes program. As a result, I have met with and ocunseled all individuals involved in your complaint.

Thank you for your suggestion of armless chairs. We have submitted a purchase requisition to acquire this type of chair for the Diabetes classes. In addition, arrangements are being made to credit your account in the amount of $43.16 and you will not be billed for the class you attened.

We must always strive to improve and this is to assure you that it is our goal to continue to provide a positive education experience for all of our patinets attention attending Diabetes classes.

Again, thank you for the information you shared with us.

Yours in health,
"Center Manager"