Posted by Pattie on 10/04/2007 06:44:00 AM


I am old enough to remember seeing silly educational films about "your changing body" that told junior high schoolers all about sudden and drastic growth of certain parts one's physical anatomy. Of course, by the time I saw these films I was already wear a "b" cup and suffering through monthly miseries so they were a little too late for this early bloomer.

The reason these silly flicks come to mind is that not since puberty has my body felt so strange. Diabetes seems to be making me a stranger to my own body. Nothing is working the way it used to work. Some things are even working better, but the changes are not subtle. They are drastic and definite and a bit disconcerting for this old lady.

I guess this is an opportunity to love my body and get to know it all over again. But I spent a lot of time learning to be comfortable in my own skin and now ever my skin is doing things its never done before. There's no alternative but to learn and accept, but it still is disorienting.