Posted by Pattie on 1/27/2005 08:13:00 AM

Bad for Business

I ran across this great discussion about weight, business and discrimination at Funny Business.

Here's an excerpt:

“ Well, I would never recommend an obese person for a job that required client contact,” confessed Claudia, a former recruiter.

“Why not?”

“ Because its bad for business. A fat person hurts the company’s image. It says the company is sloppy and not disciplined.”

“So you don’t buy into the theory genetics plays a big role in weight?”

“No. I believe its all about self-discipline."

"Isn’t that discrimination?"" I implored.

"I think it's different," defended Claudia, "Fat people make others feel uncomfortable and that’s not good business.”

Who said "the more things change, the more they stay the same"?

I am old enough to remember when people said they would never hire a woman/person of color/foreigner/hippie/someone under 30/gay person/etc. in the "front office" because it was "bad for business."

Here's a thought:

Wasting human resources through any form of discrimination is bad for business.