Posted by Pattie on 1/29/2005 11:23:00 PM

Another New Fat Positive Friend

Found another kewl fat-friendly blogger, Yawning Lion, who left a nice comment for my last post. What an uplifting week. Maybe the tide is turning, eh?

Check out Yawning Lion's No Excuses Comfort Food.

It made me feel all yummy just reading about them.

As someone who lives with pain almost everyday of my life, I've often thought a warm, buttery biscuit or some hot cocoa was a better idea than yet another dose of stomach killing ibuprophen.

We live in a pain-loving society. We like to prove ourselves by pain, improve ourselves through pain and evoke pain in others. I affirm right here and now that I'm all about comfort. I don't wear high heels. I like loose clothes. I like warm cuddlies. I like food that feels good. I like moving my body easily and effortlessly.

If you think that I'm some sort of addict, you're wrong. I'm human.

Don't confuse comfort with safety. I believe in taking risks and not playing it safe, but I don't believe in unnecessary pain. Comfort is something all humans need in this world.

You can just keep your pain to your self, thank you.

BTW, Yawning Lion's blog is called "Feh-Muh-Nist." I thought she might enjoy a pic of me from last Halloween. My brother Steve is asleep right now, but once I can get him to show me how, I'm going to post the pic and you will understand. I promise.