Posted by Pattie on 8/02/2004 03:08:00 PM

I'm Back

Well it has been the summer that was. I had great plans; still do. But the best laid plans, well you know. If I haven't said it yet, let me say that I had a great time both in San Francisco and in Nashville where we met fabulous fat folk and have felt the love.

So here's the good news.

The book is written and on it's way to the publisher as of July 31!!!!!

I will not jinx anything by saying what I think about or hope for the book. I just want to go on record by saying that writing a book, especially on such a painful subject, is a lot harder than reporting for a newspaper, writing a blog entry, writing for classwork or even researching and writing a dissertation. Uh, I guess I should have known it would be work, but maybe that's why I was willing to do it.

I think the reason is that it was so personal and painful.

So here's some more good news.

We have an RV and we are living on the road (actually in parks and campgrounds along the highway).

I found it amusing in a totally dark humorous way that while I wrote a book called "Taking Up Space," I was learning to live with two other adults and one cat in a small space. I keep dreaming about all those submarine movies I've watched for some reason (make a hole! make a hole! Nature is calling!)

I think after six weeks we are beginning to settle into the lifestyle. We have spent most of our time in mid-Missouri, which turns out to be quite beautiful. Right now we are staying along the Osage River south of Jefferson City. We have a deck on our site and it is peaceful and healing to be there.

So here's the (sort-of) bad news.

The book probably won't get published until the Fall and will have a 2005 date on it. This means that the book tour we thought we'd be on right about now isn't going to happen any time soon. This means that the money we saved to do the book tour and live on the road is going to run out long before we go on tour with the book.

So basically we are all dressed up with no where to go at the moment. We are considering a lot of good options, but no great one has appeared yet.

Tune in same bat time, same bat channel to see where the adventure leads.