Posted by Pattie on 7/09/2003 10:40:00 PM


I have too many irons in the fire right now. I do that from time to time. I put off things and add things and then all of the sudden there isn't enough time to do what I enjoy. I'm starting a countdown this week just to keep me sane. We are leaving "on holiday" as they say in the Great White North (and throughout the commonwealth) in 37 days (August 16).

The plan is to drive to the Yukon (yep, way up there). Believe it or not, we are over 1000 miles away from the British Columbia/Yukon border. It will take us at least two days, maybe three to drive there. But I've been told that it is an incredible drive. There is a hot springs just off the highway right before you cross the provincial/territorial border. We plan to take our suits and stop for a dip along the way.

We will probably stay in Whitehorse and we might take a day trip to Dawson City. We will probably do the cheesy touristy thing while we are there. My camping days are long gone. But I love to drive on the open road in our Vandura "Super Comfy Van" (or better yet, we might rent a car--wouldn't a convertible be nice).

So 37 days and counting to the big trip. I will probably not write much here until after I get back. In order to make the trip, I've got to complete a research proposal and a research report. Busy, busy -- but that's more money to play with up in the land of gold. I hope I get to see wolves and dall sheep and moose and caribou and a couple of big bears (all safely from the vehicle, of course).

On First Person, Plural tomorrow, we are rerunning our wedding anniversary show.

Last week, which I forgot to post about, we reran our Independence Day show from last year in which we called for a new constitutional convention. I plan on writing more about that here, but again that will be later. In the meantime, you can check out the sound links here.