Posted by Pattie on 5/08/2003 07:52:00 AM


We are celebrating First Person, Plural being on the air for one year this week!

To celebrate, we conducted a panel discussion about community-based research with three members of the PATH project here in Victoria.

We also talk about the future of the radio show and our future in Cultural Construction Company and multi-media production.

BTW, we mention blogs and specifically Ampersand's Alas, A Blog and special appreciation for listing fattypatties on his blog a few weeks ago. I'm still learning the power of nedstat and it took me a while to figure out why I had twice as many visitors as usual on April 12th -- but I did eventually. Thanks, Amp for the endorsement. Let me say that I love everything I read on Alas, a Blog and wish I had time to read more.

Our featured rerun is still "Bowling for Kitties" held over a second week!