Posted by Pattie on 4/24/2003 10:54:00 AM


We have a good episode today on First, Person Plural.

We attended a local cat fanciers' show that turned into a wonderful example of what can happen when "social capital" accrues. What was supposed to be an episode about identifying with your pets turned into a great example of Robert Putnam's (author of Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community) argument that joining is an important aspect not only of an individual's social life, but a great asset for communities in times of crises.

Last week's episode about the Red Diaper Babies is up as this week's featured rerun (please note: this link will change every Thursday to a new featured re-run).

Kell mentioned in the comments last week that she enjoyed the show and it always means a lot to us to get feedback. We are definitely trying to find a way to either syndicate the current show or one similar to it. If anybody has any ideas out there, please let us know. We maybe looking for social capital of our own soon.

The cat show was our first real attempt at video production as well and we hope to have a link to a webcast of our video soon. As it turns out video is a lot harder to produce (edit) than audio and good audio ain't easy.