Posted by Pattie on 11/14/2002 06:52:00 PM

well i jinxed myself by bragging on the three days thing and missed a day.

I'm writing tonight even though I don't have much to say. I'm dead tired. I've been working a lot lately and am glad to have enough energy to do so, but now I'm tired.

I've been interviewing octogenarians this week. I find it fascinating to talk with really old people. I wish that I could spend more than a half an hour and ask them a lot more questions. They are great fun. I know they have a lot of stories to tell, but alas, my job is just to find out how they like where they are living. The house they live in is a great place to hang out. It's been fun going there and talking with the staff and the residents. One of the nicer things I get to do as a reseacher.

I guess I just wanted to recognise and record that for today. Some days my job is kinda kewl.