Posted by Pattie on 7/25/2002 05:44:00 PM

My mom and my brother are coming to visit and I'm going to have a vacation. I'm going to have a great vacation, I've decided. Can one decide to have fun? I'm overwhelmed by it all.

Tish wrote about "W" today. W scares me. You can't win when you think about him. He's either (a) the most stupid man ever to hold the position of president (of course, I don't know my presidents very well so he may be the most stupid man in my memory instead of the whole history -- now that's a question, how stupid have presidents been over history?) or (b) he is an evil genius who is lulling us all into believing he is stupid so he can blow up the world with impunity or (c) he is so arrogant that he really believes his bullshit and he thinks he can do things without consequence simply because he decides it is okay to do them. Dumb, evil or arrogant -- what a choice.

To tell you the truth, who is president isn't as important to me as it is to many people. Since I believe that much of government is owned de facto by multi-national corporations, I tend to worry more about what they are up to. And they are freaking out right now. I want to believe that their unsustainability has finally come home and it will be obvious to everyone that allowing these oligopolies to exist is an open invitation to greed and corruption. I want to believe that Alan Greenspan means it when he says something has to be done, but I hear spin already. I have found that no matter how cynical I become, I am always surprised at the depth of ignorance and arrogance and evil these corporations can demonstrate.

So we continue to do our part in our little paradise of a world here in Victoria and next week I'm going to be a tourist and enjoy myself. I am going to enjoy myself by fiat because I deserve it and because on Sunday, I turn 45. Life is half done now. I'm going to enjoy the rest of it and try to do my best to leave a mark but not a heavy footprint.