Posted by Pattie on 4/08/2002 11:17:00 PM

I say I want to write more than anything else in the world and then I don't write here for over a week -- go figure.

I guess it's just been hard to think about the world and all that is happening and then put it down in words. My heart has been full.

Another one of my heros has betrayed me. Francis Moore Lappe was interviewed on CFUV's Guerilla Radio this afternoon and she railed on obese people, equating fatness with meat-eating, high cholesterol, fast-food American diets. She even used the infamous 300,000 deaths a year figure. I was so discouraged. She is usually so thorough in her research and she has connected the dots of the micro and macro level so well. I don't want fat-hatred to be so pervasive, so unmarked that even the most intelligent of people blindly accept its tenets. But I sometimes feel like the most liberal of people simply think it is okay to blame fat people for everything.

I am more organized this week. I did spend last week reorganizing my life and doing spring cleaning, but the world is still a mess.