Posted by Pattie on 3/21/2002 08:08:00 PM

This is so kewl -- We are fat, we are proud and we are taking up space!!!!!

On being a girl...

there are days
when i am five years old
(a hypocrite who acts grown up)

just a little girl
who wants to be held
and loved

there are days
when i am a powerful old woman
(a wise sage who acts childish)

just a big woman
who wants to be heard
and heeded

there are days
when i am a sexy vixen
(a buxom goddess who acts playful)

just a sensuous being
who wants to be touched
and satisfied

there are days
when i am a brillian scholar
(an intuitive mind who acts thoughtfully)

just another smart person
who wants to be respected
and published
----Pattie Thomas Before and After: Living Fat in a Thin Society (1994)