Posted by Tish on 3/27/2002 01:48:00 PM

I saw this this morning On Jeneane Sessum's Blog. Children learning how to be bullies. And I've been thinking about the "victim" role, relative to my own bouts of depression, since I heard Marla Hanson interviewed on Larry King the other day. I don't know why but I find her story compelling. I mean it was the derailing of the beauty myth in an individual life and I remember when it happened. She talked about having the post traumatic syndrome and it stirred up some self analysis. I've had some things happen in my life that were traumatic. I was pulled under the wheel of a car when I was nineteen. I almost lost my right foot and I retain a scar that covers most of it. I don't think about it much, about it. But after listening to her I thought about the impact of that event (and others) On my personality. When I feel helpless I become almost physically incapacitated. I call it depression, but it's like paralysis. So, the impact of being hurt had physiological effects that, even for those of us who do self analysis, are surprising.

I know fat women who seem to feel the need to prove that they are healthy. They know they aren't donut eating couch potatoes, and they resent the perception of them that they don't take care of themselves. So, they jump through hoops trying to be hyper healthy. I had a conversation with an average bodied friend recently. She was saying that she hadn't been eating well, or exercising, and she felt bad. But no one says anything to her, or thinks anything about her. Where as I am under a kind of scrutiny about how well I take care of myself.
So, I vote that we take care of ourselves. And if we don't do a great job of it one day, then we try to better the next.